2015 SRB ECR Collaborative Research Travel Award

Dr Hannah Brown (The University of Adelaide) and Dr Sam Buckberry (University of Western Australia)

Drs Brown and Buckberry have shared mutual research interests for a number of years, and have been successfully funded together on a number of projects. Together, Drs Brown and Buckberry are experts in the fields of molecular biology, preimplantation embryo biology, transcription and bioinformatics. Recently, Dr. Buckberry was recruited to the team of Prof. Ryan Lister, at University of Western Australia. Prof. Lister’s lab has pioneered ground-breaking new genomics techniques for comprehensive epigenome and transcriptome analysis. This travel award will be This travel award will be used to achieve a number of outcomes: to discuss and prepare a review on mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in the preimplantation embryo; to discuss a meta-analysis of haemoglobin gene expression in reproductive tissues; to discuss newly generated RNA-seq and RNA m6A-seq data sets and prepare a manuscript; to design large-scale project, and perform pilot ATAC-seq project on preimplantation embryos; and for Dr Brown to present research seminar at University of Western Australia.

Hannah Brown2Sam Buckberry


Dr Lisa Akison (University of Queensland) and Dr Jason Liew (Monash University)

This travel award would allow both Dr Akison and Dr Liew to establish a new collaboration and enhance their experimental outputs. Dr Akison will benefit by gaining expertise in tissue processing and stereological analysis of the ovary, which is a new technique that is crucial for her research project. She will also gain knowledge through discussions with Dr Liew that will assist to refine her research questions and raise any potential limitations with this technique that need to be addressed. Dr Liew will benefit by establishing a research contact that could generate future joint publications to enhance his track record. There would also be the opportunity for both researchers to be invited back to their collaborator’s home institution to present a departmental seminar and thus raise their profiles in the ECR community generally.

 Lisa Akison2Jason Liew