A/Prof Simon de Graaf

2018 (November round)

A/Prof Simon de Graaf is the Director of the Animal Reproduction Unit in the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney. A/Prof de Graaf’s research focus is in sperm biology, specifically, sperm sexing, semen storage and the role of seminal plasma in male fertility of agricultural species. Knowledge and practical techniques from his research are being utilised by the animal artificial breeding community to improve breeding programs.

The SRB Brian Setchell Visiting Lecturer Award will allow A/Prof de Graaf to visit his collaborator (Dr Druart) at INRA in France, where he will conduct studies using a confocal laser endomicroscopy to investigate sperm movement through the female reproductive tract and the development of novel proteomic markers of sperm fertility in sheep. Whilst in France, A/Prof de Graaf will also give a research seminar at INRA, as well as finalise the submission of a joint publication and an EU-Australia research grant in the field of male reproductive physiology.